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Consider These Things While Buying Snowplow

As per the weather sources, another brutal winter is expected in the U.S. For those who make money by pushing snow, it’s great news as they will get another opportunity for sure!

They can think of selling Hiniker Snow Plow during this winter to make some money or you are just looking for plow for clearing the snow out of your driveway.

Whatever it may be there are few important considerations for your choice while buying snow plough equipment.

  • Buy quality products

Don’t be impressed by just the look rather prefer quality product which will last longer. A quality plow may be little expensive but it will be worth buying.

  • Think about plow jobs that you will do

You must think about your application of plow – whether for snow removal in big parking lots, driveways or side roads. For larger plow prefer a width of 8’ and consider a V-plow.

  • Vehicle

In case, you are planning to do a commercial plowing work, and then you will prefer nothing less than ¾ ton of pickup truck that can handle larger plow.

  • V-plow vs straight

Both plow designs are great but straight blade snowplows can be more popular as they cost little bit less but V-plow has the capability to angle and also direct snow and also “scoop” snow meant for stacking which straight blades can’t do.

  • Dealer relationship

Keep good relationship with the dealer because snowplows operate in a very tough environment and hence often will need spare parts or service and good relationship will help.

  • Budget

You must have proper budget while you are planning to buy your plow. Depending upon the quality you may choose one. It may cost anything between $3,000 and $6,000.

  • New vs used

Certainly, always it is great to buy a new product, but the reality is, often buying a good used product will make more sense, particularly if you are just starting business from the scratch.

  • Ease of use

Also, think about various attachment systems used with plows that you will need to attach with the plow in worst of conditions like ice, dark, cold, wind, salt or grime.

  • Blade materials

Stainless steel, mild steel and poly all 3 materials can do the job for you however each has its strength and weaknesses that you must consider based on your application.

  • Lighting/control system    

One most important element is lighting and control system as visibility during snow events is terrible in darkness.

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