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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing A Piercer

Piercing as we know is a kind of body modification which needs to be carefully carried out. Once you have made up your mind to get a piercing, the most important question you would ask yourself would be, where to get it done from.

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One needs to get a thorough knowledge of the facts around piercing places is a must before choosing a piercer.


While looking for a piercer it is very important for you to do the required research. You can ask your friends who have already done their piercing as to where they got theirs done. They can provide you with an honest feedback. Do visit the piercing studio to have a look at their works.


Try to ascertain the prices of different piercing places and select according to the service rendered by them. Do keep in mind the quality of piercing service provided while taking your decision. Never compromise on the quality of service for a cheaper price.  You can ask the piercer if the jewelry is inclusive of the piercing service or will be charged separately.

Certificate of spore test

Another important requirement is that the piercing shop should have a recent certificate proving that they had done a spore test on their autoclave. The certificate should be displayed on the shop.

Details of the piercer

Before finalizing on the piercer, you should find out as to how many years of experience he has. Try to get hold of any of his past customers and enquire about the quality of the work he imparted. You can also find out about the number of piercings the piercer has done. Ascertain about the qualifications of the piercer.

Details of the service and instructions

It is wise to find out beforehand as to if detailed and written after-care instructions will be provided by the piercer and the piercing shop. Also, find out if the piercing done will be with the clamp or by freehand. You can ask the piercer if the jewelry will be provided in their shop or needs to be bought from outside.

In order to experience the best possible piercing experience, one must patiently do the right research and know the right questions to ask the piercer and the service providers. This is sure to save you from being frustrated afterwards.

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