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The Reasons Why Body Jewellery Has Never Gone Out Of Fashion.

Body jewellery has been popular for many years, and it continues to be popular even to this day. A sizeable part of the population has already pierced at least one part of their body, and many more people will do it in the future. It’s never really gone out of fashion, and although you experience small pain for a brief second, the rewards that come from it, are more than worth the effort. Many people get body piercing’s, and then add the jewellery, as a fashion statement, but there are many other reasons why they do so. It might be to express their culture, their religion, or some other physical reason.

If you have been recently curious about buying yourself some nose ring jewellery, and then getting it pierced, but you can really explain why it is that you want to do it, then maybe the following reasons will help.

  1. It’s a spiritual thing – Body piercing has always been a popular cultural event throughout the whole world, and the piercings were generally applied to recognise a milestone in their lives. In Africa, for example, the woman will have a nose ring pierced through the septum of the nose, instead of having a wedding ring on her finger. The piercing can also be seen as a representation of their social status, or that they have reached a certain age. 
  1. A rite of passage – There are some laws in place, that state that you cannot get a body piercing when you are under the age of 18, if you don’t have your parent’s permission. Young people, see the procedure as a rite of passage, and an indication that they are moving from being a child, to an adult. It lets people know, that you are now in charge of your own body. 
  1. For the health benefits – While there is no conclusive evidence that piercing’s help with your health, many people have claimed that by putting the piercing through a certain acupuncture point, it helps to relieve things like migraines. 

Whatever your reasons, body piercing’s really do look good, and they can make a real fashion statement. You can get body piercings to suit the clothing that you wear, and the colour of your hair. They provide you with an individual look, that is not expensive to put into place, and that comes with very low maintenance.

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