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Sourcing Your Slime: What to know before you buy slime online

If you think the title of this blog “…before you buy slime online is only about online safety and safe online buying habits – you’re wrong! Though we’ll talk about where to buy slime online, we’ll also discuss a few online shopping tips. Our reference to “online”, however, is to highlight the ease of sourcing slime online. The alternatives – making your own or scanning through dozens of shelves in-store – isn’t worth it. And we’ll tell you why!

Safety First…and Always

If you are a parent or guardian to young kids who shop online, then the first thing we have to say to you is: Safety First! We are a huge fan of online safety, and strongly encourage online shopping safety – only buy from a trusted slime company. This is especially true if you encourage young children to shop online – though we are also big fans of supervised internet access for kids.


When looking for a slime supplier, it’s also important to check their website. Look closely to ensure whether the supplier too embraces your concern for safe online shopping. How can you tell? Well, the website URL is a dead giveaway!

If it starts with “http” instead of “https”, that means the site may not be secure. Https sites use enhanced security, including technology like Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Encryption, Authentication…and more. When deciding where to buy slime, choosing a safer website is better than one that isn’t secure.


Clearly, because slime offers so many options for fun and play, you want to buy from a supplier that caters to everyone’s tastes.

Slime comes in different colors, aromas, consistencies, viscosity, texture, and hardness. Some suppliers have a limited products. Sourcing your slime from them will limit your sliming experience. Sliming is all about setting the mood. And, if you don’t have the right product to build on that mood, it’s unlikely that the kids – and adults too! – will enjoy playing with their slime.

In-Home Safety

Of course, buying from a slime company that has a safe website, and one that offers a broad variety of products, is an important consideration when slime shopping. However, safe online slime shopping has one other critical component: Safety at home!

Before you go online, or before you let your kids shop online for their favorite slime products, it’s important to do some safety housekeeping on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. Make sure that you are using a computer with the appropriate antivirus tools installed and configured.

For computers using Microsoft’s Windows operating system, a shield with a green tick appears in the task bar at the bottom of your screen. This indicates that the latest antivirus software protects your device. If you use 3rd-party antivirus tools, then check for the appropriate notification. For example, if you see the McAfee icon  on your taskbar, that’s an indication that your computer is safe.

Get Shopping

Now that you know where to buy slime online, and how to do it safely, it’s time for you to get shopping. Making your own slime takes hours – and can be expensive. And buying from your corner shopping store offers limited choice. So, go online to your favorite slime store and select products for activities for the entire family.

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