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Is It Better To Have An Open Or Closed 1911Holster owb?

When carrying a gorgeous and iconic pistol like the 1911 outside the belt, I’m searching for a holster that’s not just useful, but also beautiful and well-crafted, something that’s custom-made to complement my 1911.Before we get into options for outside the waistband holsters, let’s speak about the 1911 handgun and what you might be looking for in one.

The 1911’s design

The 1911 is substantially heavier than most firearms, has a wide range of modification choices, is well-known for its pinpoint accuracy, and is available in both and.

45 ACP and 9mm calibres are available. The 1911 includes two safety mechanisms, making it stable and easy to carry without the risk of an accidental discharge.

Design of the Trigger

The 1911 has a single-action trigger, which means it is linked to the hammer directly. While some triggers are hinged, the 1911 trigger is one piece that slides back completely. Both characteristics provide for a smooth trigger pull, keeping your aim from being thrown off by the motion of pressing the trigger. This simple trigger maintains the same amount of pressure required to release the hammer for each shot. The 1911’s trigger makes it one of the most accurate handguns on the market, making it a favourite among both amateur and professional sharpshooters.

What to look for in a 1911 holster owb for outside the waistband

You must first determine the qualities that are most important to you before choosing an outside-waistband 1911 holster owb. When do you intend to use this holster? Do you want to conceal your firearm or do you want to carry it openly?

Is it better to carry closed or open?

Because we normally carry my sidearm at work or on the ranch and prefer to keep our shirt tucked in, we usually use an outside the waistband holster for open carry. A sports jacket may occasionally be long enough to conceal my sidearm, but we want to be able to remove it and roll up my sleeves without fear.

On the other hand, if you prefer baggier shirts or always have your jacket on, you could prefer an1911 holster owbfor open carry. You’ll want to make sure your holster doesn’t print in that instance.


Retention vs. Accessibility

When I open carry, it means I’m in a scenario where I require rapid access to my pistol, rather than just keeping it hidden in case of an emergency. You’ll want to be able to quickly draw your gun whether you’re carrying it around the ranch or at the range.

Furthermore, whether on your own property or at the range, you are probably less anxious about someone stealing your pistol from your 1911 holster owb.. If you work as a security guard or in law enforcement, however, you will have to choose between retention and accessibility.

Is it more likely that someone will sneak up behind you and take your pistol, or that you will draw it quickly? This, too, is highly dependent on your day-to-day work. Are you walking through a crowded museum or shopping mall? Or are you making calls about a case or pulling folks over at a traffic stop?



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