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Get Familiar with Different Dab Rig Styles 

Dabbing is another way of enjoying your cannabis products. For this, you need a dab rig. It is a specially designed device with two main parts.

  1. Rig body
  2. Nail

The nail is the heated section that vaporizes the concentrates, oils or wax. The main rig body holds the smoke, and in many devices even water.

You can dab rig collection on Bud’s Glass Joint in Phoenix. Beginners can look for mini dab rigs for sale online and experience before they choose an appropriate one for themselves. There are different varieties of dab rigs, which can be challenging. Some popular rig types are given below along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Recyclers or Incyclers

The rig got its name because water recycles through a couple of different chambers. Recyclers are popular because –

  • The recycling feature offers great water filtration as well as supplies very smooth hits.
  • When it is seated still it looks awesome but when water swirls around the view is very amazing.

Its cost is the drawback of recycler rigs. If you are capable, then it is worth the value!

Mini rigs

Bongers used to big bongs giggle a little, at the mini rigs they see. These are so small that they fit in your palm. The advantages of investing in two mini rigs are –

  • It is a travel size, so it can be easily around on a vacation or a friend’s house.
  • In small rigs, flavors of the terpenes are well-preserved and enjoyed.

The only disadvantage is that it holds less water, therefore the smoke can be hot on your throat.


E-rig is a single dabbing tool that plays the role of a rig body and nail. They can be applied as vape pens because of their compactness. Just press the button and allow the nail to get warm. Attach mouthpiece to enjoy dabbing as usual. The reasons people buy e-rigs include –

  • The best option for on-the-go tokers.
  • Only dab rig with a battery operating system.

The downside is that it delivers small hits and has a small battery. It is relatively expensive than the other styles. You cannot repair it if anything goes wrong.

Honey straws or nectar collectors

Like e-rigs, honey straws simplify dabbing ritual to a few steps as it uses a single self-contained unit. Usually, a dabber is used for placing the wax on the nail, but in this style heated nail is touched to a dab placed on a plate [heat-resistant]. On contact, the wax vaporizes and gets inhaled via a straw. The pros of these rig style include –

  • Super portability.
  • It is a small rig, so can be heated with small torches.
  • An affordable and great option for beginners to start.

The downsides include improper filtration because the device holds less water. The enjoyment is not similar to a recycler or regular rigs. Newbies can lose concentrates, as they are not used to it.

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