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Caring For Your Dog In The Rainy Season: Top Tips Are Here!


You love to take your dog on long walks, and things shouldn’t really change with the weather. If you live in an area that’s prone to seasonal rains, you have to ensure that your dog is protected, warm and safe from the downpour. In this easy guide, we are sharing a few tips on how you can care better for your dog in the rainy season.

Get a raincoat

Every dog needs a raincoat – Period. Raincoats are designed to protect the fur from getting wet, and you will be surprised with the number of designs and styles in dog rain suit. Get something that’s comfortable and also offers some form of insulation. Sizing is absolutely important for buying raincoats for dogs, so check the size chart and take measurements of your dog before placing an order.

Avoid bathing your dog

As basic as it can get, avoid giving your dog a shower during the rainy season. As we mentioned earlier, you have to ensure that the fur is dry, because any form of moisture can lead to fleas, ticks, and skin issues. If your dog has messed up in the bathroom, ensure that you use a blow dryer to dry him.

Watch the paws

Ticks often stick to the paws of your dog and cause a number of infections, including the deadly tick fever. Make sure that you check for the paws of your dog after every walk, especially if your dog is not wearing boots. Dog paw-wear is a good way to prevent most problems related to paws, but not all dogs are comfortable with that. After every walk, clean the paws and check for possible insects hiding between the nails.

Make sure that the bed is warm

Your dog’s bed should be clean, cozy and warm. Just like winters, make sure that the bed has an extra fleece blanket and it should be dry at all times. Pets often tend to sleep on the bed after a walk, which must be avoided, unless you have cleaned your pooch.

Clean the ears

In many breeds, ear infections are more common during the rainy season, as the moisture can lead to bacterial growth. Just like you would clean the paws, make sure that the ears are clean and dry, especially after coming from outdoors.

For raincoats and parka jackets, check online stores now, and don’t forget to check the size chart.

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