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What to do when your dog scratches a lot?

Is your dog scratching a lot lately? Time to take some action! The most probable cause is an itchy skin, which can be caused by several things. For example, it’s possible that the dog has fleas or ticks. In that case you should be able to see it when you inspect the skin from up close. You will see the bites, and sometimes you can even see the flees or ticks, which obviously need to be removed. The best way to remove ticks is by using a special tick remover, preferably with a led light. These types of tick removers are available at Vetsend, where they sell everything you can possibly need for any type of pet. Flees can’t be removed by hand. You can only do this by using a special treatment lotion that is also available at the Vetsend online shop.

How food allergies can cause an itchy skin

When you’ve thoroughly inspected your dogs skin and you’re absolutely sure that it doesn’t have ticks or flees, the wrong diet can also cause the itchiness. Just like every human, every dog is different, and they can have food allergies or sensitivities. When they do, their digestion is affected. This may cause nutritional deficiencies, which can cause skin issues and hair loss. Therefor, food allergies might be the reason your dog scratches a lot. At your local vet you can check whether your dog has an allergy. Food sensitivities are harder to detect, since they don’t cause an allergic reaction, but still have an effect on the dogs digestion. It’s a matter of trying out different types of food to see how your dog responds to it, since there is no treatment or type of food that works for every dog.

Taking care of your dogs skin and hair

A lot of dog owners think it’s good to brush their dogs hair every day or at least every other day. This really isn’t necessary, and can even cause itchiness of the skin. Brushing the fur too much will cause skin irritation and remove the natural oil that the skin produces. For most dogs it’s more than enough to brush them once every two weeks, cause they are perfectly capable of maintaining their own fur. Do you have a long haired dog? Then brushing once a week is recommended. Remove the tangles and accept the fact that it’s long hair will never be completely smooth.

Does your dog still scratch a lot after trying all of these tips? Then contact your local vet to discuss the possible causes.

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