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Vaping: The Easiest Way to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes was actually fashionable 50 years ago, when you would see film celebrities and chat show hosts happily smoking away on TV, today, however, we are far more informed about the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. One would be forgiven for thinking that quitting smoking is easy enough, yet thanks to the highly addictive substance called nicotine, which is present in tobacco smoke, giving up the habit is at best very difficult and at worst, impossible.

Controlled Nicotine Ingestion

Rather than trying to do cold turkey and simply quit smoking, many Australians have successfully stopped smoking by taking up vaping, which allows the user to ingest nicotine in vapour form. If you are a vaper online in Australia, there is a leading vape supplier where you can buy a starter kit, which contains everything you need to vape. The e-liquid used in vaping comes in varying strengths of nicotine, so it is possible to finely control your daily dosage of nicotine, indeed, many smokers wean themselves off nicotine by turning to vaping.

Vape Starting Kit

If you would like to try vaping as a method to quit smoking, simply search online for a vape supplier and you can order a vape starter kit that contains everything you need. There are many different flavours of e-liquid and when you buy a starter kit, there are a few flavours to try, and once you find one you really like, you can order it separately.

No Harmful Toxins

Vaping involves the inhalation of vapour, rather than smoke, and while the vapour does contain nicotine, it does not contain the many harmful toxins that are found in tobacco smoke. We have known for a long time that cigarettes cause lung cancer and other serious diseases, which is even more of a reason to switch to vaping.

Healthier Lifestyle

Unlike smoking, vaping is socially accepted and there is no evidence to support the idea that vaping is as bad for you as smoking tobacco. Carrying your vape stick in your pocket means you can have a nicotine fix at any time, without bothering those nearby, and with so many flavours to choose from, there is always something new to try.

Nicotine- Free E-Liquid

Once you have managed to wean yourself off nicotine, you can still vape using nicotine-free e-liquid, and many ex-smokers still continue to vape as it brings a level of pleasure and enjoyment. The money you will save by giving up smoking is motivation enough for many people, plus the obvious health benefits to be had from quitting smoking, and with so many ex-smokers who now vape, quitting smoking has never been this easy.

Creating the Right Environment

It is much easier to quit smoking if you avoid being in the company of smokers, and with your vape stick in your pocket, whenever you feel like a cigarette, you can vape to ingest your dose of nicotine.

If you have never tried vaping, search online for a leading supplier of vaping equipment, where you can buy a starter kit.

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