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Five Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Used Piano

Are you planning to buy a used piano? If so, you must prepare yourself for the exhausting options you have. A quick Google search will bring up tons of options that range from free to thousands of dollars. Also, you may come across a variety of brands and styles of pianos that vary in their conditions. Buying a used piano can be risky as you may get one that needs plenty of work. However, you can also find a great steinway grand piano out there that only needs a home and somebody who wants to play it. When buying a used piano, make sure to think about the following:


A lot of antique pianos are elegant and interesting. But, if you are looking for an old piano, ensure you know the possible problems it has. Did you know that a piano has up to 60 years of working life? Pianos have many moving parts in them that could break and wear out over time.

Regular Tuning and Maintenance

Buying a piano comes with the responsibility to keep it tuned and maintained. Pianos exposed to a predictable season must be tuned in both the fall and spring once weather and humidity changes. The piano’s wood can be sensitive to humidity changes that will impact its sound and tuning. Any worn felt can make the keys stick, alter their action, and cause other problems.


When looking for used pianos, you will come across a lot of brands. As with other purchases, there is a broad range of quality between brands.  Steinway is one of the most reputable piano brands you can find.

Piano Move

When buying a used piano from an individual, you may have to consider how to move the instrument into your house. You can hire the services of a professional piano mover to make sure it is moved securely and safely without damaging any parts.


If you do not play the piano yet, bring someone with you who does play to try out the instrument. Ensure everything is in working order. Let your friend play every key to ensure it plays properly and sounds with a consistent tone. Also, the pedals must be tested. Remember to evaluate the piano’s external look to make sure you are happy about it. If you already play the piano, consider playing your favorite pieces on it to see how it feels and responds.

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