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Buying E-Juice: Five Things to Keep in Mind

People who have been vaping or a while may already be familiar with the market. Thus, they know where to buy vaping products, what they need and how to make the right choice. But, those who are new to this experience may need a bit of support or guidance to get started.

Whether you are newbie or experienced vaper, below are some important things you must take into account before picking electronic liquid:

E-Juice Flavor

Most people love vaping because of the sheer choices of ejuice flavors. Vapers can pick from thousands of flavor options on the market that suit their style and palette. They must try out various flavors from various brands before they zero in on their usual choice. They need to determine the type of flavors they like and experiment with various option to find the one that matches their taste. Generally, major e-liquid flavors include bakery, dessert, mint, fruit, beverage, and tobacco.

E-Liquid Brand

The brand of an electronic liquid stands for a level of dependability and surety. Some brands promise premium quality and safe ingredients. They developed options in terms of e-juice flavors.  But, some brands tend to cut corners in the laboratory and do not have a passion for flavor creation. In fact, these unreliable brands do not give 100% backing to their product.

The Amount of Nicotine the E-Juice Contains

E-liquid have various nicotine contents that can be found on the product’s label. Those who are switching from cigarettes to vaping might need vape liquid that has higher nicotine content. These users usually need 6MG for a Subohm tank or maybe higher for a lower power atomizer. Experts recommend 3MG for the best flavor.

Product Price

Electronic liquids vary in prices based on their brands and flavors. Some of them are extremely pricey which makes it possible for any vapers to spend tons of money on vaping juice alone. But, vapers can get the best experience even if they choose the more affordable variants. It is just important to be wary of those that are too cheap as they could be brand knock-offs or not made in the best conditions.

Fluid Base

In terms of electronic liquids, there are two commonly used liquid bases. PG or propylene glycol provides a stronger hit while VG or vegetable glycerin produces thicker smoke clouds. But, these two have distinct differences. Nearly all e-liquids provide a blend of VG/PG.

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