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4 Tips For Buying Clothing Online (That Look Great on You!)

Online shopping is perhaps one of the greatest developments of the modern century. We can avoid long lines, skip paying for parking, and often find better deals on websites than in brick-and-mortar shops. It can be especially convenient for extremely busy people who don’t have time to go shopping or people living in an assisted living facility with limited mobility. 

However, there are plenty of potential pitfalls that can come along with buying clothes online. Here are some of the best tips for buying clothes online that you won’t have to worry about sending back.

Take Your Measurements

Each clothing brand has a unique sizing system. A “small” in one brand may be “large” in another. Take your measurements and have them on hand when shopping around. That way, rather than relying on the size alone, you can look at the measurements listed on the website. From your chest to your hips to your waist, measure it all and write it down. 

Knowing your exact measurements will significantly reduce your chances of receiving a garment that squeezes you in all the wrong ways. Most brands include a size guide that shows you which category your measurements fall into. 

Read the Reviews

Most clothing websites come equipped with reviews from other shoppers. These reviews can be extremely helpful before making a purchase. Get to know what other people are saying about everything from the material quality to the sizing. 

While each person’s opinion may vary, if you read carefully, you’ll find that there may be consistent comments that continue coming up. For example, if you notice that several people are saying that the item runs big, you may want to opt for going a size down.

Read the Description

Reading the description is especially important when you’re buying second-hand clothing. Often, a photo is not an entirely accurate representation of what the piece of clothing looks like in person. 

There may be a subtle stain or a hole that you can’t see in the photo. If a seller is honest, they’ll make sure to point out this issue in the description area. Otherwise, if they fail to mention a product flaw, you will most likely be eligible for a return.

Check the Return Policy

Despite how many precautions you may take to ensure that you’re buying something that will fit and look good on you, there’s always a slim chance that you’ll have buyer’s remorse. That’s why it’s important that you only buy from websites that have a good return policy. 

Get to know the time limits for returns, as well as whether return shipping will be your responsibility to pay for. Knowing these important key details about their return policy will help give you peace of mind that if the item doesn’t meet your expectations you can get your money back.

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