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4 Major Tips For Choosing The Right Residential Flag Pole

A country is only as rich as its history and countries like the United States have a lot of history from when they attained independence. One way most citizens can appreciate their history is by installing residential flags at their homes. It is by far the preferred way of showing patriotism to the country however you should be well versed in the installation process. Choosing a great flag pole is the first step to setting up the right residential flag. Find out from the details discussed below how to find the right residential flag post when looking for one to purchase.

Size And Height

Have you predetermined the area on your lawn or compound where the flag will be hoisted? This should help you figure out the right size or height of flag pole to purchase. The goal is to have the flag pole be visible from anywhere and it has to be away from tall buildings, trees, and any other tall objects in the area. You are advised to consider 25-foot for flag pole height if it is being erected in areas with taller buildings.

Material It Is Made From

How durable the flag pole is can be determined by the type of material that it is made from. It is more about choosing between these two options, fiberglass, and aluminum. Each of these materials has its own unique pros should you consider them so do some research before finalizing your choice. Aluminum is at times ideal because of the easier terms of maintenance when compared to fiberglass. The fiberglass option is also great if you want to avoid having a lot of scratches on it.

Type Of Pole You Want

There are two types of flag poles that you can check out when searching for the right one. The first option is the wall mount flag poles which are meant to be attached to your wall and are perfect for small-sized flags. If you are installing the flag pole in your residential lawn or office, you need a quality in-ground pole that is erected into the ground for even improved support. The in-ground flag poles are perfect for large-sized flags to hold up perfectly even in harsh weather conditions.

Size Of The Flag You Want To Hoist

There are different types of flag sizes that homeowners can choose from when shopping for one. You need to decide in advance the size of flag that you want as that guides you towards finding the right flag pole for you to purchase. The bigger the size of the flag, the stronger the in-ground type of pole you need to purchase for the right kind of support. You can also choose wall mount poles for small-sized flags whose weight is manageable even during strong winds. If the size of the type of pole is not appropriate to manage the flag size, you might find a mess in the case of strong winds.

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